Met on a Bench 2014 / 2015 ALL AROUND TORONTO

This movable bench was handcrafted using only reclaimed materials. It was used as part of an Urban Intervention part of Toronto's inaugural 100 in 1 Day Festival in 2014. It was again used in the 2015 100 in 1 Day Festival as part of a "Popup Public Space in the 'Burbs".


The wonderful and simultaneously most challenging part of living in a city like Toronto is that there is so much going on constantly. The density of a large city often results in individuals mentally isolating themselves from their surroundings and their neighbours. There is undeniably a strong correlation between happiness and sense of community, and the Met on a Bench project seeks to connect locals by starting with something as small as a conversation on a park bench.

Participants were encouraged to take a breather from their day and join a stranger in casual conversation. Those who required a prompt were provided with conversation cards.