Dual Personality 2014 STUDIO: TORONTO

The contemporary library is a multi-functional, extroverted place for active engagement. Eclectic mixes of services and activities have grown their place in the public library.

The traditional library is a quiet, introverted, even sacred place. Its main role is a container for books, and users must tread carefully amongst them.

This library is a juxtaposition of the contemporary extroverted library, with the traditional introverted library. The two have very different, often conflicting programs and architectural requirements. The inner core of the building houses 'traditional' programming, which is enclosed on every floor by a wall of book stacks. Inside, there are ample book stacks and storage, as well as quiet sit-down areas for focused reading and study, including enclosed study rooms and study carrels.  The outer part of the library houses the 'contemporary' programming, with wide open spaces which accommodate for flexible programs, and a wide variety of interior elements. From break-out spaces where groups of users can meet and talk freely, to community programming like gallery exhibitions to cultural events to childrens' day camps, the open concept floor encourages playful inhabitation. Floor to ceiling glazing opens the space up to views of the park next door.